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How did you hear about us?
What service are you interested in?
What is your monthly budget?
When are you looking to start?


  • How do we find out if we'll be a good fit to work together?
    DISCOVERY CALL!! This will be our first meeting together and is the perfect way to meet each other, make sure we'd enjoy working together and find out if our services are right for you! Head to our "contact" page to enquire and we'll get a discovery call on the calendar.
  • How do I decide what tasks I should handle and what I should give to a Social Media Manager?
    This is totally up to you!! If there are certain tasks you really enjoy (ie; writing captions, or creating graphics), these would be great tasks for you to continue handling, while handing off the rest of the social media management process to us. Depending on your strengths and weakness, in addition to how much time you have, this will dictate what you outsource!
  • How much control am I giving over when hiring a Social Media Manager?
    As much or as little as YOU want and feel comfortable with. This is still YOUR business and you're completely in control.
  • How big does my business need to be before outsourcing to you?
    No size is too small, nor too big! You can hire and outsource whenever YOU feel ready. Usually people start to consider hiring when they are overwhelmed with what's on there plate, and can't take on any more work.
  • What platforms do you work with?
    The top five social media platforms we'll work with are: - Instagram - TikTok - Facebook - Pinterest - Youtube and we're always open to adding more!
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